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As much as we love to hear from you, we understand that you may have some questions that you want answers for ASAP! So here's a list of frequently answered questions for your convenience:


Q: How long does it for you to ship after I place my order?
A: 24 hours!

Q: Will I receive tracking with my order?
A: Yes! We will send you an email with a tracking link.

Q: My mat has arrived with creases! What do I do?
A: Do not stress! These mats are designed with materials that will smooth itself out after a few days. Just leave it flat for a few days and watch the creases disappear!

Q: My mat seems to have some white areas in the corners, why is that?
A: All our mats are made in bulk and then sent to a direct to garment printer which prints a vibrant graphic onto it's surface. Unfortunately because of how the technique works, the printing ink cannot reach inside the corners and so this effect is unavoidable - but rest assured, if you leave the floor mat flat on the floor, these white areas are barely visible!